Useful Information

We are pleased to offer a great choice of long term rental properties in the area.

A rental contract is normally considered to be for a duration of 3 months or longer. For those of you not wishing to enter into a permanent Contract, we can prepare a rental agreement for a shorter stay, depending on your requirements and the availability of the property. For tenants wishing to find a permanent residence, a Contract is initially for a duration of 12 months and renewed in accordance with the Law for up to 5 years.  

It is normal to pay a deposit for the property prior to moving in. This acts as a safeguard for the owner in the event of any loss or damage. This deposit is returned to you when you leave. Normally the deposit is equivalent to two months rent, in some cases, for example if you have an animal, a slightly higher deposit may be required. A tenant will almost always be expected to pay for utilities at the home and our staff will organize this for you. Sometimes there will also be a one off payment to PMR for drawing up the contract in two languages and to cover the cost of administration and services throughout the contract term. Prior to your signing the Contract, you will be advised of all of these costs.

Once you have taken the keys to your new home and moved in, PMR will always be available to deal with any questions that you may have and of course to deal with any problems that may arise at any time during your stay.

Enjoy browsing the site of quality properties that we have available. If you wish to view or require further information on any of the homes, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, fill out the enquiry form and we will endeavor to keep you informed of anything that may come available in the future that may suit your needs.