For residents and non-residents alike, it is important that you make your annual Tax declarations. All property owners here in Spain should make a declaration each year irrespective of it being your sole residence or investment. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff that can assist you in this area and make the declarations on your behalf each year. For salaried staff and Autonomo workers, we can also assist you with your annual Declaración de la Renta. Don’t leave it too late or until there is a problem, let us work with you on these important tasks.

We can also assist with legal advice regarding Wills. If you are a resident in Spain you cannot rely on your foreign Will being accepted here, you should have a document written in Spanish and correctly registered. This is particularly important if you own a property or have assets here in Spain. Do not leave this simple task until it is too late or becomes a problem for those you have left behind.