Applications for your NIE

National Identification Number for Foreigners. This form of identification is very important for you to obtain, once you have decided to reside here in Spain. You are unable to purchase a motor vehicle, property and often open a bank account without it. The process is easy once you know how and we will be happy to show you.


Once you have obtained your NIE you may wish to apply for your Residencia for Medical purposes, school enrollment etc. As before, we can show you how.


Signing the “pardon” is very important both for you and the town you live in. You should register yourself as living at your home with the Town Hall for that district. It is also important as the Town Hall will receive payment from the Spanish government for each resident they have registered. This money is essential for the towns upkeep and maintenance, schools, amenities, sports facilities and the future development of the town.

UK & European Passport renewals

Don’t leave it to the last minute to renew your passport and remember that many airlines will require you to have at least 6 months left on your passport to make it valid. We will assist you with your renewal application and send it to the British Consulate in Madrid who will offer you a speedy service.


Are you having problems with SUMA, not receiving your bills or trouble making payments? Maybe your bills are incorrect or need amending. PMR will be happy to accompany you to a local office of SUMA or indeed to act on your behalf, as you may prefer. We are also able to deal with problems or errors with Catastral departments.

Trafico & Licence applications

The various sectors within Trafico are often daunting places to visit. We cut through much of the red tape when dealing with these departments and can again accompany you or act on your behalf.
Changing vehicles to Spanish registration is simple and quick plus in addition we can easily change your foreign Driving Licence over to Spanish with the minimum of fuss. Just give us a call and we can talk you through the paperwork we will need.

Utility Companies

Need to change your bank account details with your electricity supplier or just want to set your billing up online? Whatever your requirement we will be happy to liaise with these companies on your behalf for whatever problem or question you may have.