On the 16th July, head to one of the port towns, Benidorm, Villajoyosa or Benidorm where the day will be spent to celebrate the Virgen Carmen. Beautiful floral tributes and processions fill the town streets where the local fishermen will then take out their boats. From the shore you see a beautiful spectacle of small boats full of colourful flowers which are then thrown into the water in remembrance for all that have lost their lives to the waters.

The effigy of the Virgin will also be carried through the streets by the townspeople. The San Jaime church in Benidorm, on the headland at the old town, easily recognizable by its blue roof, was built between 1740 and 1780 after the earlier discovery of the Virgin del Suffrage. Inside the church lies a statue of the Virgin who has her own chapel there which can be visited.

July is also a famous month for the San Fermín festival with the famous running of the bulls through the narrow streets. Although Benidorm and the nearby towns do not celebrate this, you will see people originally from this area wearing their white clothes with their red neckerchief. You may find them on the beaches where you will be invited to taste their wines and food from the Pamplona region. The town of Calpe and Denia however will let some bulls run loose through the town towards the sea – visit at your peril !