New Years Day

Celebrated around the world, New Years Eve and New Years Day is no different in Spain and you will find many of the towns will offer something as the midnight hour approaches.

Towns will have stages set with live bands and entertainment and at Midnight, expect wonderful firework displays and lots of cheering. Celebrations will carry on well into the day of the 1st.

Three Kings Day

Enjoy on the evening of the 5th the colourful and festive THREE KINGS PARADE, the main day for the Spanish Christmas where you can follow the decorated floats carrying the Kings and their helpers with lots of sweets handed out to the crowds along the way. Traditionally, the children receive a gift from the Kings at the end of the parade. This happens in every town and village across Spain. A popular tradition is to eat a Roscón, a sweet, ring shaped cake covered in cherries and sugar. Traditionally, you will find a toy surprise hidden inside!! After the parades, the streets will be deserted as the families all rush home with their children to open the rest of the presents that the Kings have left them.