There is much excitement leading up to the Easter parades that take place all across Spain, the most famous being in Andalucia but many other regions coming a close second. The Easter week and often the week prior, will be full of processions, church services, candlelit vigils and the carrying of statues through the towns. The local townspeople will be honored to be chosen to carry one of the statues through the town. Look out for the carrying of the crosses from the church, often big heavy structures with many of the young men and women deciding to be barefoot.

Be aware that for the weekend, many shops may be closed and some regions also celebrate this fiesta on the Thursday before Good Friday. Although a very religious festival there is still much frivolity and a party atmosphere to be had. Local town halls and tourist information offices will have itineraries of the events to be seen in the vicinity and it is well worth a visit. Always check your diaries when booking for Easter as of course the dates can vary year by year.

Just after Easter is one of Spain’s largest pilgrimages with thousands of people flocking to Alicante for Santa Faz. Follow the crowds through the streets of Alicante to the church of Santa faz on the outskirts between San Juan and Alicante. Enjoy the day with music, fairground attractions and lots of craft and art stalls.